Messages From Satan in Baby Names

As I previously mentioned on our Wall, last year the baby names which ranked 666 in the US were Felicity & Will. Are you trying to tell us something, Satan?

felicity  late 14c., from O.Fr. felicite (14c.) “happiness”

will (n.)   O.E. will, willa, from P.Gmc. *weljon (cf. O.S. willio, O.N. vili, O.Fris. willa, Du. wil, O.H.G. willio, Ger. wille, Goth. wilja “will”), related to *willan “to wish”

So, so subtle, Satan. And we didn’t even have to play those baby names backwards.

Lately on our page, we were discussing avoiding 666 in names. For some people, it bothers them if the first, middle, and last names all have six letters in them. I like people with an eye for detail and appreciated the heads up where I normally may not have noticed it before (I myself have never had six letters in my surname, so I never had to watch for it). What do you think… is this going too far, or would it bother you if the names had that kind of number stigma attached to it?

What are some names or some name traits that you avoid for a negative or evil association (superstitious or not)?


What do you think?

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