Twin Girl to go with Faryn Maisie

Kammie D. asked…

Hubby is convinced we are having twins this time around although we have no proof of that yet. Needless to say he wants us to be prepared name wise for twins. So we have two boy names already and one girl. Just having trouble finding another girl name we actually like. Our other two children are Zan Luke and Chloe Esme. The other names we have chosen are Quinn Maddoc, Callan Zadok and Faryn Maisie. I don’t care about rhyming or similar names. Just curious if y’all could come up with something unusual but we prefer feminine. And we really like the older Celtic names not used much these days. Thanks!

Oh goodie. This one sounds fun. Let me just throw a few ideas out and see if anything sticks:

  Anwen Aria

Niamh Maybelle

Ceilidh Emelia

Ana Sarah

Nia Celestine

Fiona Verity

Juniper Kora

Do you have any recommendations for Kammie?

What do you think?

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