Baby Names Meaning “Mountain”

Maranda asked:  Im looking for a name that means mountain,mountains, or something similar… Could be for male or female

See if you like any of these.

Maunalani  (Hawaiian, heavenly mountain, unisex)

Rothenberg (German, red mountain, male)

Koh (Persian, mountain or peak, unisex)

Monttinea (Latin, mountain moth/worm, female)

Montaña (Spanish, mountain, female)

Šadu (Akkadian, mountain, male)

If those are too out-there for you, there’s always basics like Monty, Beaumont, Montana, Belmont, Lamont, Montgomery, Montague, etc.  <— Be Normal.

Yael (Hebrew, mountain goat, female)

Go hippie and try just Mount or Mountain. Be careful with your placement on Mount, though… don’t want to make for humorous mistakes.  <— Be Earthy.

Use just Mont, or add Mont- or -mont to the beginning or end of a name to create your own compound of your choice.  For example, Bellamonta becomes a girl name meaning “beautiful mountain”, or Monteléon becomes a boy name meaning “lion mountain” (or mountain lion?). Other examples could be Montclaire or Rexmont. <— Be Innovative.

2 responses

  1. AMAZING…. Mountain alone and Bellamonta are beautiful. I’ve also love Keanu for a while… It means “Breeze over the mountains” or something similar I believe

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