Honoring 2 Grandmothers In a Middle Name

Anonymous asked: Both of my grandmas died when Hannah was about 6 months old so I’d love to combine their names somehow for a middle name. One was Viola and one was Stefica (Croatian for Stephanie) and I just can’t figure out a combo that works. I’d prefer a combo of their actual names (Stefica or Stephanie are acceptable). My grandma’s middle name was Sandra but my Baka (Stefica) didn’t have a middle name. Sandra is acceptable to use to. Since I can’t quite figure out a combo I’m open to expanding to meanings.

I know you said you’re wanting to use their actual names, but I noticed that Viola and Stefica produce “Vivica” when sliced and spliced. What will the first name be?

One grandmother’s name means “violet”; one means “crown”. Together, the names could mean “violet crown”… but is there a name that means this?

I’m also not really sure if you want a two-part middle name, or only one name that somehow pays tribute to both (like a mash up or whatnot).

Ideas from names: Vivica, Zephyra (steals sounds from Stefica & Sandra), Sapphira or Saffira (steals sounds from Stefica & Sandra), Stephandra (Stephanie & Sandra), Anastasia (in the stylings of Sandra & Stephanie/Stefica).

Ideas from meanings– first off, we are working with “violet” (Viola), “man” (Sandra, contracted meaning), and “crown(ed)” Stephanie/Stefica. Okay, ideas from the meanings: Laurel.

Laurel flowers

It is a tribute to Viola in color and in subject matter, but it is also a tribute to Stefica because laurel was used as crown (for victory). Laurea refers specifically to “laurel crown”, but Laurel is still good symbolically because it bears the association to being crowned. Daphne is the Greek version, and Bay will have the same exact meaning and association (botanically speaking).

If you wanted something less frilly, it occured to me that Stevie would be an interesting way to take the Vi element of Viola and combine it with the name Stephanie/Stefica (which Stevie is already a nickname for).


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