Twins Xerxes & Xavier: Middle Names?

Shannon asked:

Need a middle name for xerxes and a middle name for xavier. Im having twins, I don’t know the gender yet. For girls I have Luna Raine and Azalea Skye.

Congratulations. 🙂

Xerxes! Awesome name. Xavier is great, too.  You have very nice taste in names. I’ll put out a few ideas to see if anything moves you.

Xerxes Clement
Xerxes Kalani
Xerxes Hael
Xerxes Ash
Xerxes Way
Xerxes Estefan
Xerxes Alcoveton
Xerxes Euclid
Xerxes Declan
Xerxes Erik

Xavier Daniel
Xavier Trent
Xavier Sergio
Xavier Braeden
Xavier Scott
Xavier Samari
Xavier Chapman
Xavier Qhadij
Xavier Lincoln
Xavier Dalton

Some quick notes– watch out for adding one syllable names after Luna, since it reminds people of “lunatic”. Azalea Skye seems inspired by the phrase “azure sky” or the actress Azura Skye. Unless you don’t mind people thinking you copied, you may want to avoid this. Let us know what the final choices are!


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