Using Parents Names or Initials to Name a Baby Girl

Fan Question: Can you suggest beautiful, unique baby girl names that start with E & J? Or do combination names of/for Excell (wife) and Jonathan (husband) for a baby girl? Due in March. Names can be anything starting with E&J or J&E, or nevermind and just suggest name combinations. Thank you!

Sure! My husband and I are actually an E and a J too. We have a daughter named Eve (Evie). We have played around in the past with using both our names in honoring or name combining in order to add new names to our names lists. We are due in February right now! Congratulations to you and your family.

You have a bunch of different directions you are going in, so let’s split it up a bit.

-Beautiful, unique baby girl names that start with E & J
Elka Jindřiška
Engelica Jett

Juniperia Eon
Epiphany J

-Combination Names with Excell and Jonathan for a baby girl

These first ones will literally combine or splice your names.

Jonell Excatha
Exona Jacell
Thanell Excjona
Jonacelle Exthana
Athanelle Jonex
Allonna Jexceth
Natani Excell
Excelle Jonna
Celona Xanthe
Axelle Johanna
Joni Excellence

These next ones will just use your names or versions of them in combos, sometimes with other unrelated names.

Đoàn Thị Exara
Llin Jonika
Jonabeth Rexcell
Natania Celine
Joninti Violet
Margo Jona
Judith Excell
Excanne Kay
Jocasta Rexanne

These might have given you some ideas and you can play around with splicing, mixing and matching on your own, as well!

-Anything starting with E&J or J&E
Etanya Jadako
Jaylynn Efra
Ekaterina Jordan
Jacquette Edith

-Toss out the rules– just name combinations
Thea Brigitte
Dexter Mary
Bastiana Chrétien
Ki Novelle

I hope any of this has been helpful, and thanks for taking time to write to me. Let me know what you choose, as the readers and I will be curious to hear it!

Readers: What suggestions would you give to Excell & Jonathan?