A Sibling for Sawyer & Huck

Autumn says: Exciting news. Sawyer James and Huckleberry Wilder are going to have a sibling. We will not be finding out the sex so I am in need of name ideas for both genders. My only criteria is that the name be unique and I would love to have Dean as the middle name for both the boy & girl name in honor of my late uncle. While the boys names are obviously “themed” they were not named after the Mark Twain novels so no need to carry any tradition but I’m also not opposed to it. I am drawn to nature names (our last name makes for some fun combinations) and the late great country singing greats but am very open. I would love to see what you and your followers would suggest. Thank you so much

Congrats! I know you know how much I love Sawyer and Huck’s names, not to mention that Snow is a pretty cool surname. I know you were also torn on the popularity of a name being emphasized in the choosing, versus just going with something you love despite the trends. I’m going to give you a range of names to see what calls to you.

It does irk one to see that a loved one or sometimes a celebrity (or even, a large portion of society) snags the name you love. I know with Sawyer you felt it got a little too popular after you used it. One thing I want you to bear in mind is this: Huckleberry may be the winner of the unique names for your children, regardless of what you choose next. And that’s okay!

So, the mixed bag of ideas to try on…

Wiley Dean Snow
Marco Dean Snow
Denry Dean Snow
Bray Dean Snow
Osiah Dean Snow
Jethro Dean Snow
Tre Dean Snow
Gunner Dean Snow
Braylon Dean Snow
Guillermo Dean Snow (“Will”)
Jacobi Dean Snow
Jonael Dean Snow
Chaelan Dean Snow
Viper Dean Snow
Nichol Dean Snow
Javier Dean Snow
Lincoln Dean Snow
Major Dean Snow
Kellan Dean Snow
Armor Dean Snow
Kaleo Dean Snow
Miller Dean Snow
Ray Dean Snow
Shaun Ray Dean Snow
Ash Dean Snow
Aspen Dean Snow
Zurich Dean Snow
Amarillo Dean Snow (okay, this one’s a joke.)
Greenbriar Dean Snow
Puck Dean Snow
Brave Dean Snow
Twain Dean Snow
Silver Dean Snow
Justinian Dean Snow

Ramona Dean Snow
Mika Dean Snow
Saylor Dean Snow
Christelia Dean Snow
Gemini Dean Snow
Echo Dean Snow
Leianna Dean Snow
Ava Bell Dean Snow
Loelle Dean Snow
Scarlet Kay Dean Snow
Penelope Dean Snow
Kimboll Dean Snow
Haydry Dean Snow
Emery Dean Snow
Emelyn Dean Snow
Scarletta Dean Snow
Sloane Dean Snow
Cailin Dean Snow
Evana Dean Snow
Aaliyana Dean Snow
Cameo Dean Snow
Nyla Dean Snow
Nola Dean Snow
Noelle Dean Snow
Haddie Dean Snow
Zenobia Dean Snow
Jonquil Dean Snow
Joseline Dean Snow
Kerianna Dean Snow (“Carradine”, “Keradean”)
Rune Dean Snow
Wisteria Dean Snow

Just a note on names beginning with P– you may dislike P. Snow.


First & Middle Baby Names Fan Pics & Names

Directly from our fans on our Facebook First & Middle Baby Names page, comes real actual babies and their first and middle names.  Proof that our fans are obviously really into naming. 🙂

Blaize James

Bowie Imagine

“This is a photo of Bowie Imagine Graff… This photo was taken yesterday at 5 and a half months old… Both my partner and I love classic rock and roll… My partner also is a fan of classic rap.. The notorious B. I. G. especially… I wanted a verb as a middle name… Be careful what you wish for though… My ‘Mr. BIG’ was born at home weighing in at 11 lbs 6 oz… And at 5 months old is 21 lbs 14oz… Haha.”

-File that one under “Names We Wished We Could Take Credit For”. ~Elizabeth

Canaan Eleazar

Dhev Everett

“Our own spin on the sanskrit Dev- that begins many names. Meaning ‘God’ or ‘Divine,’

Everett, a family name back 3 generations, meaning ‘wild and brave boar'”

Finley Vail

Huckleberry Wilder

“We choose Huckleberry’s name because his older brother is named Sawyer and every Sawyer needs a “Huck”. His middle name is from Little House On The Prairie…Laura Ingles Wilder. ”

Kian Angel

Leo Michael

Nate Anthony Lukeson

“Just a quick story regarding my little boy, his name means so much to us.
My Father is Norwegian and their tradition when naming a Son is to add the Father’s name as a middle name with ‘Son’. I wanted to pass this on and keep this going in our family.
Our son’s name is Nate Anthony Lukeson Bryant. Nate was decided as I love 4 letter names and Nathaniel was too long. Nathan is also my Husband’s middle name, so it seemed to fit perfectly for all the right reasons. Anthony was my late Uncle, who passed suddenly and at a very young age. It was also a common middle name on my Mother’s side. Lukeson is the Norwegian tradition part, my Husband’s name is Luke.
I am all for family traditions and names that represent a special meaning. i can’t wait to explain his name to him when he is older!”

November Sue

“Born 11/30/12, my birthday. Sue after my mom (my middle name is Susan, too) and November because not only is it a beautiful word, but because after a loss, we decided to try again and the resulting babe would be due in November. For us November means hope, healing, and joy.”

Paloma Ixchel

“I wanted her first name to honor my mom without using her actual name, Sara. Sara is common in the US, and the pronunciation would not default to the Spanish, which I prefer. I chose Paloma, Spanish for dove, because in one of my earliest memories, my mom would play Mexican songs on 8 track tapes, and we’d sing along together. We did this many afternoons, and a favorite song was Cucurucucu Paloma. I can’t hear the word paloma and not think of mom, who passed 13 years ago.
Ixchel is a nod to the Mayan jaguar moon goddess. She is a goddess of fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, among other things. Paloma was conceived and born after I turned 39, and with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. And so I really wanted a fertility goddess, more specifically a Mexican one. Also, I had an easy pregnancy and birth, so I do feel that we were being watched over! Ixchel just seemed like a perfect choice. Paloma is 1/2 Brazilian and 1/2 Mexican. And I really wanted a name with a story that would take her back to her Mexican ancestry, and hope to one day take her to Ixchel’s shrine on the Mexican island of Cozumel. Our family is actually from Michoacan, but I couldn’t find a name from that region that fit my criteria.”

Raya Rose

River Luca James

Saoirse Mae

Sawyer James

“Sawyer is named after the country band Sawyer Brown & James is my fathers name.”

Solomon Lloyd

Talbot Garrett Edward

“Talbot is for the county I grew up in on the Eastern Shore of MD.
Garrett is for the most Western MD county, where my husband grew up.
Edward is for my great-uncle and father in law.”

Wednesday Eliza

Zeppelin Mililani

“My bestfriend picked the name Zeppelin right before she passed away, unexpectedly. Her last text message to me said ” You should name him Zeppelin Mililani!” Mililani is her middle name. So we did, in memory of one of the greatest people I have ever come across. Kiersten Nicole-Mililani Hammer.”