Sterling and Other Metallic Names

Anonymous asked:

I’m having identical twin boys and I’m having a hard time choosing names. I think I may have settled on Talon Sterling for one. There was no reasoning behind it, he just kicked when I said the names and these two together set him off moving like crazy. There was something about it that I liked, but I think its on the unusual side. My first son has a completely normal name, Andrew James. Anyway, back to my question… Can you post and see what people come up with for names that mean or have to do with metal? Even though they’re identical I don’t want matching names but I’m toying with ways to tie them together, if I can’t find anything I like that way I may do complete opposites. Thanks in advance. I’m keeping their names a secret, I’ll either announce them at the shower via a game or just wait till birth.

Here are some combo ideas. 🙂

Paul Carr
Cielo Iron (first name means sky, goes with Talon)
Michael Armor
Silas Aurelius (middle name is golden… goes nice with Sterling)
Orae Silver

Other metal ideas might be Clasp, Key, Lock, Knight, and Jett.

One less obviously one would be Nesmith, which is an occupational name for a knife-smith.

If you end up going total opposite, using other elements like air, water, earth, or fire for inspiration could be a great direction.

E l e m e n t s 2 by Dacel Andes (DacelAndes) on
E l e m e n t s 2 by Dacel Andes

Update 10/14/2012: the mother had her twins!

“Had my identical boy twins on 10-11-12. I used the names you helped me pick. My first is named Talon Sterling, 5lbs 10oz 18″L, second is Jet Orel, 4lbs 4oz 18″L.”

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