A Hint at the Content of the Book

Someday, someday, I promise I will release this book (and maybe some other surprises with it). For now, here is a preview of what sort of content you might expect (this time, in brief) when it actually does come out. Alternate working title of this post was, “The One in Which I Help a Couple of Friends”.

Now I do my disclaimer that some names have multiple legitimate meanings and origin possibilities, so I’ll just name one or the most obvious one, depending. It’s a lot easier to debunk what names supposedly are than to tell you what they are completely. There are also multiple levels of depth to names and words, so sometimes things are taken at face value but you can almost always probe deeper. I think a lot depends on your intention when you are naming.


Lily Eden: “Lily” + “plain” = “lily of the plain”
Zoey Lila: “life” + “night” = “nightlife”, “alive in the night”, “the breathing night”
Winter Margaret: “winter” or “the coldest season” + “pearl” = “winter pearl”
Grayson Anthony: “son of the vigilant” + arguably (very arguably… I’ll talk more about this in the book) “priceless” = “priceless son of the vigilant”

A note on Zoey Lila– in the potential meaning I showed I think it’s really funny because my daughter’s name is Eve, which is commonly credited with meaning “life”, but the way I use her name it actually refers to “night”. Just a funny little coincidence.

Denee– (see a previous post about Denee here)
*notes in parentheses following the names are Denee’s info*

Caleb Eugene (middle name is my dads middle name): “dog” + “well born” = “well born dog”
Jeremiah Scott (middle is hubs deceased brothers name): “elevation” & “Lord” + “a Scotsman” = “a Scot whose height is with the Lord”
Payton Matthew (middle is hubs first name): “Pacca” & “enclosure“ & implied “from“ + “gift of God”= “gift of God from Pacca’s fence”
Jacobi James (middle is hubs middle): “supplanter”, or “to seize by the heel”, twice. Either “doubly the trickster” or “to take back what was taken from you”, if you want to get poetic.
Marlena Suzanne (middle is combo of my.moms middle “Sue” and hubs moms middle “Ann”): “Mary Magdalene” + “lily” as in “white” & “grace” or “favor” = “the pure graciousness of Mary Magdalene”
Arabella Rochelle (middle is my middle): “prayerful” + “little rock” = “prayerful little rock”

Hopefully from this little snippet you can see what I mean when I say that names are poetry.


A Sibling for Sawyer & Huck

Autumn says: Exciting news. Sawyer James and Huckleberry Wilder are going to have a sibling. We will not be finding out the sex so I am in need of name ideas for both genders. My only criteria is that the name be unique and I would love to have Dean as the middle name for both the boy & girl name in honor of my late uncle. While the boys names are obviously “themed” they were not named after the Mark Twain novels so no need to carry any tradition but I’m also not opposed to it. I am drawn to nature names (our last name makes for some fun combinations) and the late great country singing greats but am very open. I would love to see what you and your followers would suggest. Thank you so much

Congrats! I know you know how much I love Sawyer and Huck’s names, not to mention that Snow is a pretty cool surname. I know you were also torn on the popularity of a name being emphasized in the choosing, versus just going with something you love despite the trends. I’m going to give you a range of names to see what calls to you.

It does irk one to see that a loved one or sometimes a celebrity (or even, a large portion of society) snags the name you love. I know with Sawyer you felt it got a little too popular after you used it. One thing I want you to bear in mind is this: Huckleberry may be the winner of the unique names for your children, regardless of what you choose next. And that’s okay!

So, the mixed bag of ideas to try on…

Wiley Dean Snow
Marco Dean Snow
Denry Dean Snow
Bray Dean Snow
Osiah Dean Snow
Jethro Dean Snow
Tre Dean Snow
Gunner Dean Snow
Braylon Dean Snow
Guillermo Dean Snow (“Will”)
Jacobi Dean Snow
Jonael Dean Snow
Chaelan Dean Snow
Viper Dean Snow
Nichol Dean Snow
Javier Dean Snow
Lincoln Dean Snow
Major Dean Snow
Kellan Dean Snow
Armor Dean Snow
Kaleo Dean Snow
Miller Dean Snow
Ray Dean Snow
Shaun Ray Dean Snow
Ash Dean Snow
Aspen Dean Snow
Zurich Dean Snow
Amarillo Dean Snow (okay, this one’s a joke.)
Greenbriar Dean Snow
Puck Dean Snow
Brave Dean Snow
Twain Dean Snow
Silver Dean Snow
Justinian Dean Snow

Ramona Dean Snow
Mika Dean Snow
Saylor Dean Snow
Christelia Dean Snow
Gemini Dean Snow
Echo Dean Snow
Leianna Dean Snow
Ava Bell Dean Snow
Loelle Dean Snow
Scarlet Kay Dean Snow
Penelope Dean Snow
Kimboll Dean Snow
Haydry Dean Snow
Emery Dean Snow
Emelyn Dean Snow
Scarletta Dean Snow
Sloane Dean Snow
Cailin Dean Snow
Evana Dean Snow
Aaliyana Dean Snow
Cameo Dean Snow
Nyla Dean Snow
Nola Dean Snow
Noelle Dean Snow
Haddie Dean Snow
Zenobia Dean Snow
Jonquil Dean Snow
Joseline Dean Snow
Kerianna Dean Snow (“Carradine”, “Keradean”)
Rune Dean Snow
Wisteria Dean Snow

Just a note on names beginning with P– you may dislike P. Snow.

The Virtue of Random Names

Betsy asked:

Not pregnant right now but I’ve been trying to think up a first name for our future son. We have Meghan Kathleen, Sakura Ashley, Daniel William, and our next daughter will be Zeriah Francine. I want our next son’s middle name to be Edmund. We’ve been naming our kids by doing 1 “random” name that we like and 1 name after a family member; Edmund would be after my Grandpa.

“Sakura” is Japanese for “cherry blossom”. Photo by Midori.

I also don’t want to re-use ANY letters of the alphabet so A, D, E, F, K, M, S, W, and Z aren’t options for beginning letters…also the name “Royce” is a no as it’s my brother’s pick for a name and is therefore not allowed to be used by me per his requests. I love “different” and unique names (this can include unique spellings). Usually I don’t have a problem with names I just can’t think of any that I like coupled with Edmund and his middle name will be Edmund (I lost my Grandpa recently so it’s important to me as my oldest is named after my Grandma) Thanks for any help you can offer!

What a neat mix of names you have. And I love Edmund– it’s on my list, too. And I really dig your appreciation for the random combined with honoring family. That is right up my alley. AND, I’m thrilled that you are so specific about what you want, right down to the letters.

I grew up loving names and loving how my name is a “living history book” for my family but also a twist of my own personal name and wanted to give that to my kids…my daughter, Meghan, would be the only 1 that’d be different as Kathleen came from my Grandma’s middle name and Meghan was her all-time favorite name (and would’ve been her 2nd daughter’s name had she been able to have more) but the others are a totally “random” name that we like coupled with a family name

Some thoughts:

Cole Edmund
Rock Edmund
Javon Edmund
Raleigh Edmund
Nathan Edmund
Tony Edmund
Jayden Edmund
Yeray Edmund
Jahaziel Edmund
Jelani Edmund
Lex Edmund
Hayden Edmund
Louis Edmund
Tinley Edmund
Joplin Edmund

[We typically don’t recommend the rhymes with “ayden” names, but in this case we were testing the waters with Betsy, in case she actually took to them. We considered not recommending them at all, but wanted to be fair for any occasions in which it may not be a terrible choice. If you like these names, we recommend you do some soul searching and choose them only if they mean a lot to you. If you are selecting just because it looks cool to you, please keep searching, as these names are very trendy right now and there are other, “cooler” options out there for you that would be more original.]

Keep us updated!

thanks for the list! lots of good names there going to think on them before I decide

*Betsy assured us that she would let us know what she decides. We’ll update this post when she does!*

UPDATE JULY 1, 2014: I ask you about a year ago for “J” names…we ended up naming our boy Josiah Edmund. He is now 8months old.

How we decided on his name: my great great grandpa Joseph built the house that we are now living in (finally) we want to “honor” him in some way so “joe” became “joe-siah” Josiah… Edmund comes from my grandpa.”


Now I would like to talk a minute about the virtue of random names. Betsy is an example of a very interesting namer. She had a sort of rule set (not repeating letters in the alphabet for initials; honoring family with one name), and at the same time, she was open to anything. I think when you explore random names, you can challenge yourself to branch out beyond what, for you, are your predictable tastes and typical choices.

Have you ever noticed that you get a little bored of your name list? Feeling uninspired? It would be a little like having a favorite shirt in 10 colors, and wearing only those. After awhile, we no longer surprise ourselves. Sometimes naming loses its spark that way. One way to reawaken that fire is to “try on” random names.

James Cheng / msnbc.com

You can do this by imagining you have a child with a name you normally would never have known or thought twice about. Add the surname, and a first/middle name to pair with it. If you have at least one guaranteed name that means something to you (such as, a middle name that honors family), you’d be surprised what you realize you actually love and find usable.

Example: Deborah is going to name a son. She knows she wants to use her great-grandfather’s name, Walter, as either the first or middle name. The last name will be Crook. She has no idea what to pair Walter with and feels uninspired. She doesn’t want to settle for something she is lukewarm about and doesn’t want to be too boring, and doesn’t necessarily need the name to feel completely traditional.

By trying on random names, Deborah experiments with choices like:

Walter Mario Crook
Pierce Walter Crook
Leonidas Walter Crook
Bradford Walter Crook
Walter Shane Crook

With previous choices on her list that she felt blah about (Michael, James, John, & Robert… with an Aidan thrown in there for kicks), she had never considered Mario, Pierce, Leonidas, Bradford, or Shane. They just were not on her radar. To her, these choices seemed totally random. Without that inspiration and her trying on these unexpected names to see if she like them, she might never have finalized Leonidas as the name.

I think we can push the boundaries even further, though. In making your name lists and looking for fresh baby name combinations, I encourage you to test out random names, from the traditional to the ancient to the bizarre, and see how it feels. See if you can just picture your baby with that name. It’s how hippies wind up with Johnny’s and how traditionalists have Kai’s. It’s very cute and great at making sure our classrooms don’t have 5 children of the same name.

In an effort to keep this concept flowing and to challenge people to branch out, we will occasionally (on our page or blog) be asking people to consider random names and see how they could “fit” with their surnames and other name choices from their list. Let us know what you end up loving or using, or how it inspired you in other ways! Feel free to participate with us.