No A. Ness or P. Ness, Please…

“friend directed me to your page and I’d love some help! We are having a baby boy and want to honor my Grandfather by using a name that honors him for baby’s middle name. The issue is we do not want an A or P name since when either of those initials are put with our last name, Ness, it’s quite terrible (family members with A


or P names agree). My Grandpa’s name was Arnold Patterson, so both of names are out! He enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, and baseball. I’ve tried anagrams and nature names, but nothing is jumping out at me yet. I’m at a loss! Thanks!”

I absolutely agree with your stand on A and P names! (Are B or E names out too, or anything that rhymes with A or P?) Sounds like a tricky situation but I’m going to toss you some middle name ideas and hope something sticks. Please keep us updated as we would love to know your choice!

First of all… did your grandfather have a middle name? Maybe that would be a good option. Anyway, here are some possibilities.

It contains “Arn” but also has that old-timey vibe that a grandpa named Arnold would have.


Means the same thing as Patterson– son of Patrick– and very distinguished as a middle name.


Acceptable fresh-but-traditional way of honoring Patterson with just a light tie-in.


A good way of summing up his outdoorsy interests.


Has sounds from Arnold, but also has an outdoorsy meaning, for someone who lived on the mountainside.


Similar to above, and both have the added benefit of sounding like “wilderness” next to Ness!


Since Arnold has an “eagle” meaning, this just makes sense.


Combines the “wald” from Arnold’s original form with “ric” from Patrick. Two names in one.


Plays off of Patterson/Patrick’s supposed meaning.


Has an older, rustic appeal to honor your grandfather’s memory and interests.


Old-timey name that has sounds from both names, and means “ancestor’s descendent”, roughly.