Names that go with Serenity, Thyri, and Alexander

Fan Question: Hello! smile emoticon
I’m looking for boy and girl names that go well with the last name Swisher. I’m trying to find both first and middle names. I like the names Alexander for a boy either first or middle and Serenity and Thyri (pronounced ‘Theory’) for a girl! Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated! smile emoticon
Thank you!

I really, really, really like your taste in names. However, anything that is a word name (Serenity) or sounds like a word name (Thyri) is going to be extra funny next to Swisher. It creates a concept, joke, or some sort of visual in the head.

Alexander is safe (although it also ends in “er”, if that is too repetitive for you with the last name).

So there are a bunch of “heads up” cautions here. This surname can be tricky to work with! I know the feeling. In my family we had a surname that turned everything into a sort of joke, too. I am such a fan of word names so I hate to see them crossed off of lists.

I’m going to give you some ideas with your preferences in mind and maybe see if you like any of them! Keep us posted! I’m extra interested in your selection.

Magdaleno Alic Swisher
Bossi Zing Swisher
Alexander Miguel Swisher
Alexander Tamar Swisher
Michael Alexander Swisher
Alexander Brody Swisher
Alexander Mehziyah Swisher
Alexander Psalm Swisher
Alexander Jaxson Swisher
Josiah Trey Swisher
Romelo Alexander Swisher
Vahan Alexander Swisher
Virgil Abel Swisher
Alexander Graham Swisher

Thyri is an old Scandinavian name and refers to Thor.


Theory Church Swisher
Shalon Serenity Swisher
Toña Thyri Swisher
Crista Theory Swisher
Madelyn Serenity Swisher
Theory Dylia Swisher
Cashlynn Ava Swisher
Serenity Aaliyah Swisher
Laila Thyri Swisher
Thyri Serenity Swisher
Aurii Theory Swisher
Thyri Icelyn Swisher
Dominique Andhra Swisher
Fiona Thyri Swisher