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Elizabeth, the author, has studied baby names since she was a young child. From about age 7 onwards, she poured over baby name books with love and attentiveness. As she grew older, she begin to realize the common fallacies and lacking integrity found in modern mainstream baby name books. The same fluff and garbage by best-selling authors was continuously repackaged and churned out to parents-to-be, with no seriousness in issues like meaning, origin, pronunciation, or culture! With the popularity of the internet came a bigger explosion in misinformation. Dedicated to history and etymology, Elizabeth specializes in onomastics, and was once hired to instruct a baby name consultation course at a local college.

She started her writing journey in 2011 with In Search of the Perfect Birth. From there she fleshed out ThePerfectBirth.com to incorporate various baby-related things, with the idea being “dedicated to giving babies the best start”. Twenty-thirteen finds her releasing the first volume of First & Middle Baby Names, truly a labor love which has been in the making her entire lifetime. A stay/work at home mother, she plans to continue pursuing her passions of writing, babies, and more as a way to support the family she loves so much while doing something she genuinely enjoys and cares about. After all, life’s too short– mean it.


All images and text as seen on this blog and in the book are copyrighted materials and owned by the author. Using or copying any without permission and without credit to the source is strictly prohibited and subject to prosecution.  Some images selected by the author belong to other sources, and when available, credit will be given to the original source in the form of a link or caption.


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