“Rocket” & Other Space Names

Becky wrote to us:

Back at it again! This time I’m having a boy we named Gabriel but we don’t have a middle name. My 5 year old called the baby “Rocket” for a long time and I thought it’d be cool to pay homage to that for his middle name. Other than “Rocket”, what other space related names can you think of? I haven’t been able to really find any lists on google. Thanks! 🙂

screenshot-2017-01-11-at-11-32-31-amAnd then she added that she had named her other children Annabelle Grace, Isaac Christian, and Claire Elise. She was interested in any traditional names, as well. The last name will begin with L. So here is what I have to say to Becky–

First of all, you already know that I think Rocket is a great name. It’s cool, it’s out there, and your 5 year old is a genius. (My firstborn actually gave a middle name to *her* little brother, too…. Something I didn’t even realize was a name yet at the time.) Anyway, just in case you’d like to explore your options, here are some.

Gabriel Orion
After the constellation
Gabriel Cosmo
Gabriel Comet
Gabriel Starr
Gabriel Neptune
Gabriel Apollo
Greek god of the sun, and name of the space programscreenshot-2017-01-11-at-11-38-45-am
Gabriel Ripley
After the astronaut hero from the movie “Alien”
Gabriel Moon
Gabriel Titan
The largest of Saturn’s moons
Gabriel Rider
A reference to being on a rocket?
Gabriel Odyssey
Gabriel Frontier
Gabriel Galaxy
Gabriel Kennedy
After the space center, where rockets launch from
Gabriel Skylar
Has “sky” in the name
Gabriel Houston
A reference to the space center location
Gabriel Chase
Sounds like traveling during a space voyage…
Gabriel Ferdinand
This is one of the moons of Uranus, and Ferdinand means roughly “adventurer”. Ferdinand was also the first name of Magellan, so this name has space-rocket-navigation written all over it.
Gabriel Orbit
Gabriel Gauge
Gabriel Miles
Could allude to space travel, right?

Some traditional or more common names…

Gabriel Hunter
Although this could be loosely tied to Orion, who is known as The Hunter.
Gabriel Nathan
Means “gift from God”, so, a gift from… the heavens? 🙂 
Gabriel Julian
Gabriel Cooper
Gabriel Paul
Gabriel Rocco

Close to Rocket…
Gabriel Max
Gabriel Joseph
Gabriel Colton
Gabriel Owen
Gabriel Jaden
Gabriel Houghton
Gabriel Eckhart

Watch the initials with middles that start with A or R, in case that’s a deal breaker. (GAL, GRL)

Life is an adventure and full of wild, cosmic mysteries. Our babies come to us from this source and we are all made of stardust. That is why I don’t think these names are too far out but are, in fact, very fitting to use. Honoring their journey with names that reflect how we know this about them is only right. It sounds like your older child was very insightful about something special with the new baby, perhaps. Good luck and please let us know what you choose! We’re excited for you.



K, K, and Definitely NOT K.

Michelle writes:

“Hello i need help picking a baby girl name!!! I have two boys already, kaleb and keelan, so i need a name that goes with them also. I love c, k or m names, also names that are unique and barely heard of but if u have a cute name with any letter of the alphabet please shaof those too. My princess will be here in July and im clueless!! This will be my first girl!! I found a few that i liked but none that i love. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!!”


I’m glad you’ve decided to ask for some ideas. Right away, let me say that I would avoid naming your baby with another K like the plague if I were you. You do NOT need a KKK reference in the house. Even if I weren’t sensitive to this particular offense (which I am), it’s just good common sense advice for me to tell you that sending the wrong idea about your beliefs through your kids will be a hassle you don’t need. Even if you loved the name Hitler and it was a family name, I’d still advise you to steer clear of that idea. Some things just have negative connotations which are too strong.

Even if you go with a C name, I would advise a soft C (sss sound) and not a hard (like a k sound), just so when you are audibly introducing your kids, no one makes the mistake of assuming they are K, K, and K. Ch would also be a good choice.

Now, on with some names! Since you didn’t list the middle names and don’t seem to be asking about those here, I’ll assume you have those covered. Just listen to the flow when trying to combine first, middle, and last.

Unique, Less Heard Names

Cute, Any Letter

M names

C Names

I actually love girl names and personally find those to be the easiest– I could name 100 girls if I had to! I hope through visiting our page and talking with some of the fans you found something you like. Please let us know what you select, as we’re all curious!