What to Expect From This Blog

Baby names… what can you possibly have to say about them? A lot. It isn’t just, “oh, that’s cute!” or, “yuck, I would never use that…”. It goes deeper. As the book nears publication and through future volumes being released, this blog and our Facebook page will stand to remind people that good resources are out there, if you know where to look.

But what will we be talking about?

This blog will be used for the following:

1. Baby Name Challenges
Baby name activities will help you to explore and go deeper into options and ideas you may previously have never thought of. This is for people who want to go beyond just the jotting down on a piece of paper trials. Which reminds me, you may want to invest in a baby name notebook/journal.

2. Name Dissections
Want to get to the root of a name? Interested in a debated history, and want the truth? We may occasionally break down names as needed on this site.

3. Name Combos
After all, the book IS about first and middle baby names. What better use of our blog than to explore the art and poetry of baby name combination by example? We will guide you by pointing out everything that is right, wrong, and neutral with various combinations, for your enjoyment.

4. Fan Questions
Questions or concerns we receive either on the Wall (Facebook), via e-mail, or in private messages may be used for blog material. We will use our discretion or your request to decide if the poster should remain anonymous, as may be desired in the case of debate or in the case of unwanted attention from family and friends of the poster. This will be a great way for us to give advice or info and have it be seen by all for a long standing period of time, to help more people beyond it’s time frame.

Jed I. Knight. Seems legit.

5. Name Trends & Social Issues
Specifically a place to whine or to commend. We will look examine everything from name popularity in history and in right context, to celeb “gossip”, to the fads taking over, and discuss from there. Hopefully this sometimes controversial topic will make people think twice about baby names. If you want to unlike or unfollow us, it’ll most likely come from this one. We don’t want to gloss over the contentious, we want you to have a healthy respect for the background.

But really, how could anything concerning these little guys be trivial? 🙂

6. Whatever the hell we want.
Hey, it’s open and I feel like it, I’ll talk about it. Even if it’s trivia or minutia, if it’s on my mind and I feel like putting it out there, you can find it here.

I have invited my 2 other FB admins to join me here, so you may sometimes find their posts on the blog, and it will be noted that it was their piece.

Thanks for reading, enjoy our page, and buy the book. Stuff just got real.


What do you think?

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