Unique J Boys Names

Julie asked:

We need a boy name with a good meaning that starts with letter J! Something unique??;)

Sure, let me bounce some of these off of you and we’ll see what might work. “Unique” and “good” are totally relative, of course, so we just hope we can get somewhere in the arena of your taste.

“Supplanter”, means seizing by the heel, or following after. Usually has a negative vibe, but can be considered something of a trickster.
Unique because these days (in English speaking countries especially), it is unexpected for a baby but not unheard of.

Taken from Greek & French, roughly could mean “I am Orion”.
Pretty unique since it is invented. Downside is, it sounds a bit like “drying”.

Well… means “gentleman”…
Unique, and not for the faint of heart.

“to record”, “remember”, or “a sign”.

photo by Rudy Madian

Unique for English speakers, 记 could actually stand to be followed by another character. Most Chinese personal names have 2 characters. This is a good start, though.


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